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We Create Memories Crystalized in time.

Chef Michael has over thirty five years of experience working in culinary. He has been described as a "designer" Pastry Chef, with his experience encompassing wholesale, retail, fine dining restaurants, hotels, off-premise catering resorts and country clubs. Chef Michael has studied in France and holds a certification in Baking Science and Technology from the American Institute of Baking. 

He was executive Pastry Chef of the Blair House under the George W. Bush Administration.  Chef Michael's approach to food taste philosophy is that the palate should be like a symphony, with no one taste being dominant, more of a wave of tastes, textures and temperature juxtaposed against each other whilst also working in harmony.

Patissier Chef Michael

Creative Director/Influencer


I wanted to raise the bar on value. I wanted to teach the type of class that I made patrons afterward say..."WOW!, we covered over a lot of stuff in a very short time-frame."

What does Codex stand for? 

A codex is an ancient book made of stacked, hand-written pages. Codex is a Latin word used to mean "book of laws," although it's literally "tree trunk." Basically Codex was designed as, an open source of anything but not necessarily everything dessert/pastry/ and baking. A resource that is presented in a fun, educational immersive format, easy to comprehend, designed to ramp up an enthusiast's skill set to a level where a patron is granted the tools for their success!

Chef Michael

There was a lot more I had to offer in terms of a "cookie cutter template" that I had to adhere to having taught for others. Out of the box ideas that I have treasured as theme driven classes along the way.

"Part of creating impactful learning modules was in no way self limiting a class food cost, and putting a set of brakes on the creative vision or conveyance of what Chef Michael wanted to see."

What's Codex?...

"If I was going to do this, it had to be better,  a more valued, and appreciated for it's intrinsic content, being of quality."

With very few rules when it comes to a budget, per class, I wanted customers to feel as though they had a genuine value out of class.


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