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Pastry, Cake, cookies


Cakes, cookies, pastry

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Be transported to Paris, via Rockville, for an afternoon of learning the art of French Pastry! In this class you will learn how to make, Pistachio Financiers, Madelines, Chocolate ganache, Crème brûlée, French Buttercream,  and an Opera cake.

Art of French Desserts


Within this class you will make fresh Madelines, a Pistachio financier, make a creme brulee, and construct your very own gateau Opera (a famous cake throughout the world over) made with a Chocolate ganache, French buttercream, and an espresso soaked almond sponge cake.

The Art of French Desserts is Codex's most popular class, navigating enthusiasts through the subtle nuances of almond biscuit  preparation, making a genuine French Buttercream, and a Chocolate Ganache.

There are some innovative techniques along the way including a direct injection Ganache, and a cold process method to making the Creme brulee.

Covers a lot of Fundamentals, it's a transformational class, your first bite of a Financier, or taste of a genuine French Buttercream, moving forward will set new benchmarks of acceptability of baked goods.

the Art of French Desserts

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