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Asian Dumplings



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Learn the craft of making authentic Chinese dumplings

Asian Dumplings

In this hands-on and interactive class, you will be guided through making dumpling fillings,making wonton wrappers and learning the art of folding wontons into various traditional shapes. You will be making two types of dumplings, with a steamed & fried versions in this 2 hour class; steamed spicy pork,  and fried vegetable wontons. 

Once you have created what you have made, you will then plate up and enjoy them.

Classes are 2 hours long and feature guided instruction from a professional chef with over 35 years of experience. This class is mostly hands on, making your own wrapper doughs, and preparing your own fillings (pork & vegetable for two types of Dumplings which are steamed and also fried. There will be a demonstration on how to prepare sauces for dipping your Dumplings, as accompaniments.

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    104 US dollars

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