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Cake, Creams,

fillings, cookies

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Make all of the components of a Macaron Champagne Blush cake will give you the skills to be able to custom craft a beautiful elegant finished masterpiece that can be made for most any occasion, vastly superior to what you could find available commercially. 

Macaron Champagne Blush Cake 


Blush Cake

In this comprehensive symposium you will learn how to make your very own blush cake which you get to take home with you! the manifest includes the following: French Macarons

a vanilla chiffon cake colored pink with a Champagne flavor sirop

a pink Champagne vanilla custard filling an Italian butter cream

gum paste edible luster dust roses

pink mirror Chocolate glaze for a drip effect.

It is a class for those that love cake decoration. You make your own delicate Chiffon cake, fresh vanilla custard that is flavored with Korbel Champagne, a real Italian  buttercream that you finish your cake with, and then adorn it with a pastel white chocolate mirror glaze drip, freshly made French macarons, and gum paste roses that you put together and build yourself!

Within the spanse of 4 hours you cover a multitude of skills to be able to fold into your repertoire. The  Macaron Champagne Blush Cake class fold two classes into one, covering French Macarons, and advanced cake decoration techniques. 

Simply Beautiful!

Tour de Force decoration techniques

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