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Cheese, dried meats, crackers, nuts


Cheese, dried meats, crackers, spreads

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Learn how to Artistically custom craft and build your own Charcuterie Board with quality cheeses, dried meats, fruits, nuts and spreads & handcrafted crackers and wafers.

Charcuterie Board Class

In France, where charcuterie shops originated, the practice of curing and preserving meats dates back to the 15th century. The charcuteriers sold their cured meats to villagers to supplement the supply of fresh food available throughout the year. Pronounced “Shar-cute-er-ree”, by definition, the word charcuterie means“pork-butcher’s shop,” also, “cooked flesh,” and “meat”.

Charcuterie boards are the way to entertain if you're looking for quick and easy. Charcuterie boards involve purchasing meats, cheeses, and a few other items and arranging on a flat surface.

Join Chef Michael in creating your very own Artisan crafted Charcuterie board with quality cheeses, dried meats, nuts, spreads, handcrafted crackers, wafers, & lavash pletzel. Creating a perfect board includes arrangement, careful composure, selection of the right ingredients and paying attention to areas of design that matters most in creating a perfect board.

Building a quality Charcuterie board doesn't have to break your bank. This is a very personalized experience that revolves around your tastes & expectations as to what you would like to see in custom crafting your own board..

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