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Learn all of the subtle nuances of how to make an authentic Croissant.

Mastering French Croissants & Brioche

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Learn everything in this comprehensive class on mastering the Art of Croissant making. From proper mixing of the dough, lamination and folding in of the butter, make up the individual pieces, to proper resting of the dough, proofing, baking and eating! In this all inclusive class you will also learn to make a Pain a chocolat along with an added bonus exclusive to this class, a creme brulee Brioche. All products are yours to take home with you.

The recipe itself is a hybrid, with a splash of egg and butter in the dough itself.

Relish in an understanding and appreciation in how delicate Croissants are and how they really require two days for optimal results.

Chef Michael streamlines the process, by navigating you through the dough making process, locking in of the butter, proper resting times and folding of the dough, over a succession of time.

Proprietary Recipe