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Fried doughs

In person



Fried dough here, fried dough there, fried dough everywhere.

In this Comprehensive Halo event, you will learn how to make the following: *Cronuts", Doughnuts filled a Salted Caramel sauce * New Orleans Beignets * Italian Zeppoli * Mexican Churros with Chocolate Sauce Hands on, immersive entirely fun , all inclusive 2 hour on the stair master exposition of working off of acquired caloric content!...borderline, Carbocide. Perfect date night activity for couples! Corporate events, Girls night this fried dough debauchery! 

Make the doughs, give them a few to rise, fry them, eat them all if you can, and if you can't, there are to go containers available. in this unique, proprietary lesson you are provided with all of the materials, recipes and ingredients to be able to replicate making these warm fried pieces of heaven at home. Partake in a fun filled afternoon of frolic, exercising social distancing honoring local CV19 mandates, wearing masks, gloves and sanitizer are available,

Of how ever many desserts i have made over the years, nothing matches the familiarity, the comfort of a freshly fried warm doughnut. It harks us back to childhood days, it is an American Classic.

There is nothing better than warm fried dough!

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