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Glazes, overlays, decoration techniques, liquid flow Art, Alcohol Ink Water color application to cake surfaces.


Mirror Glazes, decor, Water color 

In person



Glazing techniques from flow Art to Alcohol color watercolor technique are covered.

In the "Advanced Glazing  Techniques Tutorial"  a myriad of topics and techniques are discussed and demonstrated such as how to make different types of glazes, neutral tinted clear overlays, tinting effects with fat and water based, food color types, types of gelatin, various recipes including Chocolate, neutral white tinted, blending instruments are discussed, avoiding bubbles, how to suspend edible luster dusts inside of a cold process glaze. Various techniques will be covered including Stripes, spider web, swirl, drop, splash, tornado and galaxy.  Pre-assembled mousse  cake shaped rounds are provided, as a part of this immersive hands on approach to demonstrating and learning these amazing techniques that there is methodical chaos theory to the methods of application, that yields superior results versus just a random application, we teach a more structured approach. they class has been recently enhanced with even more techniques adapted from Acrylic flow art pour and Alcohol Ink water color applications which are simply beautiful.

In this class you are creating one off Art pieces, each team is provided with their own turntable, materials, and pre iced cakes ready for decoration, the Glazes are demo'd and then parsed amongst the teams.

a demonstration is given first, then it comes time to dive in by filling your cups, swiping, pouring, using air dryers, brushes, and mini blowtorches to create your very own Art pieces to take with you.

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