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Cakes, cookies, scones, Tea sandwiches


Macarons, Financier, Madeleines, Scones, Tea Sandwiches

In person



Alice in Wonderland takes you down the Rabbit hole. 

In this class, you build your very own Lazy Susan display of treats.

Mad Hatter High Tea Party

An elegant affair, perfect for Bachelorette parties, Birthdays, Bar Mitzvas, Corporate H.R get togethers, you name it. You get to custom configure your very own display, assembling the components along the way. Everything that goes into an afternoon "high tea" is included such as making your own fruit tarts, scones, cream puffs, lemon curd, Crème Patisserie, & French Macarons.  

This is what Chef Michael calls a "Halo Event". It's a benchmark class by which others are judged by. Unique, innovative, proprietary, it's a mirror class to the other dessert offerings classes, but a ramped version of it, with even more offerings that you get to take home with you. 

Sheer Elegance at it's finest, with rich organdy tapestry linens, whimsical china wear, a model prototype for being able to replicate the same type of affair at the house.

The Mad Hatter High Tea Party

As a halo event, not unlike a high end automobile manufacturer, the Hatter has a spotlight put on it as a function like none other. In Auto jargon a "Halo" car utilizes all of the next generation tech as a showcase item, bringing attention to itself. In having partnered with the D.M.V. Blogosphere on Instagram, this class amongst others has been featured in news reels, stories and on IGTV.

Isn't time you you do something with that special significant other, niece, nephew, daughter or son, girlfriends get together, or Corporate affair.

The Hatter is a very special limited engagement function that is worth partaking in.

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