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Choux, Sucree, Pastry Cream, Lemon Curd


Pastries, Tarts, custards, creams

In person



Choux, Pastry Cream, Lemon curd and sweet dough are all covered.

Intro to French Pastry


This is a mirror class to the Art of French Desserts. In this class Enthusiasts will learn how to make a Pate a Choux, make eclairs, cream puffs, fill them with various fillings, including a fresh pastry cream and finish them in different modalities. you will also learn to make a choux puff, top it with a Craquelin, make a Religieuse, a pate sucree fresh tart, and a fresh lemon curd.

If you a new to baking, you may want to start here. It's a fundamental Intro course on how to cover basic, but also challenging components that can be difficult to mater such as a Choux paste, a Crème Patisserie and a curd.

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