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This class comes with an unprecedented 100% money back guarantee, by booking of Codex's site, if for whatever reason your Macs don't come out correctly, you will get a full refund, no questions asked.

Fundamentals of French Macarons

Put on your chef aprons, grab your spatulas and let's get baking. In this fun and interactive class, you will learn the art of making these delectable treats. The classic "Gerbet" or Paris Macaron is a French meringue based almond sandwich cookie.

you get a digital .doc file emailed in addition to the "17 commandments of Macarons." There are also refresher video snippets of a stage 1, 2 and 3 Macaron development demo's off our YouTube channel that are emailed to you.

In this step by step hands on class you will learn all of steps from properly developing a meringue to making the macaron mixture. special focus is spent on hints and tips along the way. You learn it by doing: *Brief backstory on the function of ingredients. *Synopsis of the map out. *Demo *Repeat what I do, you pick your own color(s) Wait 25- 35 minutes, let em dry. Bake @ 300F for 8 minutes, rotate, recover, and bake for 4 more. Hyper cool Parse fillings, (that you get to choose from, or try all off them!) Match tops to bottoms Fill, eat, & enjoy! anything left, you box them up and take them with you!

pick your color

choose a filling

Finish them!

You get to select from a choice of colors.

get to select from a choice of flavors.

Finish them off, and enjoy them, you get to take home what you made!

If for whatever reason, your Macs don't come out right, you will get a full questions asked!

100% success, guaranteed!

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