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Mini Pastries


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Just in time for the holidays! Learn how to make a perfect platter of high end sweets for your guests.

Miniture Pick up Sweets

The French call these "friandises", or "mignardise", essentially one or two bite miniatures that make for a perfect holiday platter. Typically they include a small selection of small individual treats comprising of small cakes, tea cookies, tarts, chocolates, and pastries. These are suitable for any type of get together, especially coming up on the holidays. Impress your guests and family with something unique, that more than likely they can not find anywhere.

These are mostly based on higher ended legacy recipes, Nobel and time honored traditional French minis that are vastly superior in quality to anything available from a local off premise Catering company or Pastry shop. Easier to make than you can imagine, with fresher more wholesome quality ingredients, better in design, and execution, and implementation. Much of Chef Michael's experience was in off premise Catering and Hotels in his tenure-ship in Culinary, based upon his knowledge base you are assured a selection of delectables like none other.

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