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Please call to consult on an ideal time/day to host a class for you.

Level up

your A game

This class encompasses a custom configuration of three classes or more of your choosing in a private 1 on 1 setting workshop. The classes are a bit more advanced and include typically the Macaron class, the Art of French Desserts, and the Tiramisu class in a 7-8 hour all day event. Please email or call for a custom quote, classes are available on a limited basis and are very hands on walking patrons thru each step by step procedure in assembling an entire host of items! Last class was spectacular, and was a comprehensive snapshot of several techniques including Buttercream, crème patisserie, ganache, brulee, a mousses, European cake layers such as a Joconde, and a ladyfinger Biscuit and miniatures.

You need an area of attention requiring improvement?, look no farther.

Simply by directly reaching out to me, and pre-booking a spot, you are assured a front seat, center for an all encompassing, immersive and full hands on experience; navigating you through all of the subtle nuances that require your attention of becoming a better technician in the kitchen.

Cake Decoration, got it, miniature pastries check, molecular gastronomy plated high end Desserts, yes, upscale high end Mono Desserts,Chef Michael has you covered.

a Class custom Tailored to you

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