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Macarons, buttercream




Put on your chef aprons, grab your spatulas and let's get baking.


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Put on your chef aprons, grab your spatulas and let's get baking. In this fun and interactive class, you will learn the art of making these delectable treats. The classic "Gerbet" or Paris Macaron is a French meringue based almond sandwich cookie. This class requires you to pre-purchase in advance a list of ingredients and materials in order to follow along with class. Upon booking you will have a list of detailed supplies and equipment in order to follow along and conduct the class emailed to you. this is an active in proxy participation class that provides a participant to step by step follow the learning lesson. In this step by step hands on class you will learn all of steps from properly developing a meringue to making the macaron mixture. special focus is spent on hints and tips along the way.

upon booking you will receive an ingredient manifest and recipe packet via email to follow along including a Zoom meeting link for your booked time and date of the class.

Here is the list of items that you will need for the macaron class, what will be needed in order to conduct a class virtually for the Macarons are the following:

1/2 sheet tray parchment paper or silpat

2 disposable pastry bags

one plastic spatula

a mixer such as a kitchenaid (If you don't have a kitchenaid a "Kitchensmith" hand mixer with a whip attachment can be purchased from Target for $20.00)

gel food color from either Michael's or Amazon Prime



almond flour (such as Bob's red Mill)

granulated sugar

fresh large eggs


meringue egg white powder

2 medium sized bowls

a candy thermometer

a small aluminum or stainless steel pot

an oven a gas or electric range

a digital scale

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